Design & Fabrication

Sideshow is a full-service, creative design, and fabrication company, located in Nashville, Tennessee. This Nashville diamond is the unique creation of Luke Stockdale. I met him about a year into his adventure with Sideshow and I assisted him in building and exploring creatively fabricated signage and dimensional branding. During my time with Sideshow, we landed in popular magazines such as: Wired, Southern Living, Garden & Gun, Smith Journal and ESPN. We worked to develop extremely authentic branding and gained a phenomenal client list including: Lebron James, Nike, ESPN, Niche Snowboards, and an extensive list of other clients. My favorite part of being a creative designer at Sideshow, early in its existence, is that I was able to learn a lot about business and assisting high-end clientele. Since I completed projects from start to finish, I loved using a variety of skills such as design, chemistry, wood-working, sign painting, and electrical.

All signs are handmade – Just like in the olden days.

Check Sideshow out:


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