UI Design & Web Development

I enjoy working with a multi-variable / highly faceted team at, located in Memphis, Tennessee. Projects that see my attention include: International Web Development (Including work for, UI Web Design, participation in web font creation, email marketing, Mobile and App Design, Adaptive Web Development, Web Page Optimization, SEO, and Email Campaigns.

Responsibilities Include:

• Developing high quality branded designs that balance user needs, design priorities, and business goals

• Implementing designs through front end development to and as well as internal sites

• Creating helpful ecommerce experiences for users across multiple platforms (desktop, mobile, app) and throughout stages of the customer lifecycle

• Leveraging data, usability testing, and customer feedback to form a solid understanding of customer behaviors and pain points

• Leveraging data to better optimize page speed and image quality

• Collaborating & meeting with Product, Marketing, UI Design Manager, and other designers throughout the design process

• Prototyping designs and presenting them to business partners, users, and Engineering team members.

• Partnering closely with Engineering and QA to ensure that designs deployed to production are built to spec

• Manually deploying content to web, as well as setting up automation for deployment

• Verifying deployments to both and across multiple platforms

• Creating designs and implementing them through front end development for holiday seasons and special events

• Creating a toolkit for new hires and existing team members to make work flow more efficient and branding accurate

• Training new hires in brand, design, and development

• Creating logo for in-house use

• Art Directing and collaborating with a global advertising company to enhance emails and marketing techniques

• Advising on AutoZone’s web fonts

• Advising on Duralast’s NASCAR race car

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